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The west window at Worcester Cathedral was designed by George Gilbert Scott in 1875 during his restoration of the cathedral and made by Hardmans. The subject of this window is The Creation, with the first Six Days of God creating the World as described in Genesis shown in the large medallions either side, surrounded by smaller medallions of angels holding emblems of creation as described in the Benedicite from the psalms, with Man's fall in Eden portrayed in the centre lights. To the left there are the two dramatic rainbow circles, the top one ringed by angels holding rainbow globes, the bottom one ringed by another circle of red and white glass pieces falling as ice, snow, rain and hail. The righthand side of the window features the animal kingdom and, at the top, a beautiful circle with planets, stars and comets. You will also find the cathedral’s famous pink giraffe towards the bottom. The top tracery features a beautiful rose window adorned with a series of angels.

Worcester Cathedral West Window

  • Worcester Cathedral West Window
    Acrylic Gouache and Gold Leaf on Paper
    Framed Size: 120 x 82cm
    Signed by the Artist
    Includes Certificate of Authenticity

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