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Made in the late 15th century, this window is a stunning example of flamboyant Gothic style, with its intricate flamelike curling designs. Measuring 9 meters in diameter, it is located at the west of the upper chapel of Sainte Chapelle. The window is composed of 89 panels, each representing scenes of the Apocalypse, making it possibly the most detailed visual telling of the Book of Revelations ever known. Crafted using the silver stain technique, this window boasts intricate details and beautiful colours. The enamel paints used on the glass were fused using fire, allowing for a variety of shading and other fine details. This stunning painted interpretation combines traditional and contemporary painting techniques, set against an opulent gold leaf background.

Sainte Chapelle Rose Window

  • Sainte Chapelle Rose Window
    Acrylic Gouache and Gold Leaf on Paper
    Framed Size: 92 x 92cm
    Signed by the Artist
    Includes Certificate of Authenticity

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