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The Lincoln Cathedral North Rose Window, also known as the 'Dean's Eye', is a stunning work of medieval art that has been reconstructed over time. Created in 1220, this window is located in the north transept of the cathedral and is one of two magnificent rose windows. Its daring structure caused it to fail early on, but has since undergone significant reconstruction. 

The Dean's Eye depicts traditional imagery, showcasing important elements of the bible in vibrant, rich colours. The dominant shades are blue and red, representing purity and the blood of Christ. The details in this painted interpretation are captured with exceptional precision, bringing every element to life. A true testament to the beauty and majesty of Lincoln cathedral, this masterpiece is an exquisite addition to any collection, showcasing the beauty and significance of Christian art.

Lincoln Cathedral North Rose Window

  • Lincoln Cathedral North Rose Window
    Acrylic Gouache on Watercolour Paper
    Framed: 74 x 74cm
    Signed by the Artist
    Certificate of Authenticity

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