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This 12th-century window is one of a pair of 'oculus' windows in Canterbury Cathedral, with its sister, the North Oculus, located directly opposite it. The Latin word 'oculus' means eye, and these two windows do justice to their name as they not only look into and out of the building, but also into past, present, and future.


The two windows capture the essence of the Old and New Covenant. The south-facing window represents the New Covenant, symbolising light and salvation, while the north-facing window represents the Old Covenant,symbolising the past and darkness.


This beautiful piece of art is a must-have for any collector or admirer of religious art and is sure to be a conversation starter in any room.

Canterbury Cathedral South Oculus

  • Canterbury Cathedral South Oculus
    Acrylic Gouache on Paper
    Framed: 74 x 74cm
    Signed by the Artist
    Certificate of Authenticity

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