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Tomb of Edward Seymour

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October 2021


Salisbury Cathedral

Born in 1537, Edward was the son of Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset and his wife Anne Stanhope. He was a nephew of Queen Jane Seymour, third wife of King Henry VIII. In 1560 he secretly married Catherine Grey, younger sister of the famous Lady Jane Grey. Because Catherine was a legitimate heir to the throne, she could not marry without the consent of Queen Elizabeth. When the marriage was discovered upon the birth of their first son the couple was imprisoned in the Tower of London where they had a second son. Enraged, Queen Elizabeth separated the couple and exiled them from court. Edward would never see his wife again. Following Catherine's death in 1568, Edward was allowed back at court. In 1582 he secretly wed Frances Howard, a gentlewoman of the privy chamber. Their marriage remained a secret for nearly a decade. In an effort to clear his sons' claim to the throne, he attempted to have the marriage set aside in 1595, and he was promptly thrown into the Tower once again. Following Frances' death in 1598, he married - again in secret - the widow Frances Prannell, who was, ironically, born Frances Howard. Edward lived the rest of his life quietly, under the political radar, and died at Netley having reached the incredible age of 81. His tomb now resides at Salisbury Cathedral.

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