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Salisbury Cathedral


June 2021


Salisbury Cathedral


105 x 76cm


Pen and Watercolour on Paper

Salisbury Cathedral is regarded as one of the leading examples of Early English Gothic architecture. Its main body was completed in 38 years, from 1220 to 1258. It is a truly remarkable feat of history and boasts many unique features...The spire, built in 1320, at 404 feet, has been the tallest church spire in the UK since 1561.The cathedral also has the largest cloister and the largest cathedral close in Britain at 80 acres. It contains a clock which is among the oldest working examples in the world, and has the best surviving of the four original copies of Magna Carta.

This view of the stunning west front has been created using a fine technical pen, following with delicate washes of grey, sienna and ochre watercolours. Shelley was delighted to show the finished painting at Victoria Gallery in Bath where it sold.

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