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Gloucester Cathedral West Window


Gloucester Cathedral

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November 2019

Gloucester Cathedral West Window
Acrylic Gouache on Watercolour Paper.
76 x 56 cm

Installed in 1859 the current west window of Gloucester Cathedral depicts traditional bible stories... Across the bottom of the window are three water-themed incidents from the Old Testament. The first showing Noah with his family and animals leaving the ark after the flood. Next are the Israelites after passing safely across the Red Sea. In the final section Naaman can be seen washing in the Jordan to rid himself of leprosy.

In the central section, you can see the nativity, with shepherds and kings hurrying towards the stable. To the left of this, angels announce the birth of Jesus to the shepherds, while on the right the three kings worship the infant.

Above these nativity scenes, from left to right, are the Presentation of Christ by his parents in the temple, the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, and John the Baptist preaching by the River Jordan. Three Christian baptisms from the Acts of the Apostles are depicted above: those of Paul, of Cornelius, and of the jailer of Philippi."

My painting of Gloucester Cathedral's great West Window took hundreds of hours to complete: each individual pane of glass was carefully drawn and painted with the aid of a magnifying glass! The colours are exceptionally vibrant thanks to the high pigment of acrylic gouache. Each section has also been embellished with gold leaf paint to add opulence.

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