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Exeter Cathedral West Window

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Exeter Cathedral





The great West Window of Exeter Cathedral has undergone several changes since its creation (the first we know of the window's glass is 1767). The current window was glazed shortly after WWII by Reginald Bell and Michael Farrar Bell due to its predecessor being damaged during the war. It commemorates Frederick Temple and also his second son, William, who was born in Exeter when Frederick was bishop. William also became Archbishop of Canterbury, from 1942 until his death in 1944 (aged only 63). The nine figures in the lower part of the window are, from left to right: King Athelstan, Bishop Leofric, Bishop Stapledon, King Edward the Confessor, St Peter, Queen Edytha (Edward’s wife), Bishop Grandisson, Bishop Coverdale and Bishop (later Archbishop) Frederick Temple. The upper part of the window includes representations of the Almighty, the Agnus Dei, angels and the four evangelists.

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