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Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

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Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Watercolour and pen on paper.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, officially known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King and locally nicknamed "Paddy's Wigwam". The Metropolitan Cathedral is one of Liverpool's many listed buildings. The shape of the cathedral is conical, and it is surmounted by a tower in the shape of a truncated cone. The building is supported by 16 boomerang-shaped concrete trusses which are held together by two ring beams, one at the bends of the trusses and the other at their tops. Flying buttresses are attached to the trusses, giving the cathedral its tent-like appearance. Rising from the upper ring beam is a lantern tower, containing windows of stained glass, and at its peak is a crown of pinnacles.

This painting depicts a close-up study of the lantern tower with all its colourful stained glass beauty. Taken out of the context of the rest of the building the painting becomes a striking piece of modern, abstract art.

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